• Amber

Hunting more waterfalls

Nothing quite like the moors and its surrounding woodlands. I love investigating new places and no better way to explore it all than whilst hunting for treasure.... or a cache.... which is just a container that contains a log book. I take part an activity called Geocaching, and personally I find it great fun. The more I go out doing it, the more I find these amazing locations in random places, keep fit, stay safe away from all other humans and enjoy being surprised by what my route brings me.

I’m a country girl and a outdoors lover anyway so this suits me fine and those who love to go off the beaten track would love this activity too. If you go out there into the country side please don’t drop any litter and respect the places left on earth man hasn’t wrecked yet, don’t disturb nature just enjoy being out in it.

I found another little waterfall yesterday and that’s added to the list of shoots to do.

Hmm now to decide which shoot to do there!

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