• Amber

Insta have changed their rules, it’s about to get boring

It would seem that insta has really had enough of NSFW content on their platform. They have worked out new algorithms and bots to immediately take down anything they deem as sexual. This is nothing new, they have always had algorithms in place, but they have changed, and are now far more strict. Even sexual emojis are being banned. Any sexual positions, simulating any sexual act like sucking a lolly pop, even having your hand tucked down your jeans. They are cracking down on messages too... algorithms reading messaging to find people talking dirty and being given warnings or account removal.

So you lucky people are now going to solely get to see my naughtier pics as the media gods have spoken and I have responded with taking down a lot of content from Instagram. I will be refraining from posting anything even slightly sexual on any social media platforms from now.

Apologies for the potentially boring post, but I wanted to explain what the heck is going on with my insta and everyone else’s.

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