Just keep going back to the wood

Today I visited another woodland in SW UK. I ventured into the thick dense area so I could shoot in peace away from public vision. My first chosen location in this particular woods had the biggest ants nest nearby that I had ever seen and the ants kindly asked me to move on before I got bitten. Then of course there is the risk of being barefoot with adders... no thanks I’ll keep my shoes on. Being a model / self photographer working in nature often comes with extra unexpected challenges in each place that I visit. I always show respect to places I go to, and I kindly ask others to respect nature when they are on their own adventures too. I don’t disturb any mosses, if there is a branch in my way I won’t tear it down, I never leave rubbish and am so grateful for these places existing that I venture to. It’s been a great day, I would always rather be in the great outdoors than any concrete jungle.

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