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My day off

Yesterday was a lush sunny day and it was also my first day off in a long time. I haven’t introduced my horses to you yet, and the horses are yet to play a role with my work. In the video I am bareback riding on Inca with no bit in her mouth (a bit in the mouth is for control but Inca doesn’t need it) and I am leading her brother Limerick. All of my horses I’ve trained entirely myself using non violent natural methods. I wasn’t intending on going out bareback (no saddle) but Inca has had some time off and she’s gotten so fat her girth wouldn’t do up. Whoops. Boy did I feel it in my legs and my arse after riding. I’ve owned Inca all of her life and she’s now nine and her brother Limerick the same and he’s now eight years old. I also own the stallion, their dad, and he is still breeding in summer times and another aspect of my life that makes summer times very busy what with location shooting and then being on foal watch waiting for the babies all night for weeks on end. Serious dedication.

The horses have begun training to become apart of my cosplays. They will be expected to stand still for periods of time, accept cameras making funny noises, seeing drones flying (I’ve got a videographer with a drone and that is coming up soon), they also need to get used to me doing funny things whilst sat on their back like throwing swords around and having capes flying in the wind behind them. All the kind of things a flight animal would take off at.

So many projects involving my horses coming up for shoots and video, just too exciting!

I know you are used to seeing me wearing not a lot and this post maybe unusual, but after all, this is my site and all about what I am doing and the horses are a huge part of my life and I’m looking forward to integrating them with my work.

Anyway, I’m off riding again, have a great day what ever you are doing

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