• Amber

Waterfall Scout

I have had a lovely Saturday, I’ve been out on Dartmoor covering miles scouting for locations to make some content. I have found a waterfall and some lovely spots that just stirred my creativity and I can’t wait to get back down to the waterfalls to do a shoot.

During lockdown I have found so many amazing places, sounds cheesy but we really do live in a beautiful world. I just love Devon, everything anyone could want is all around us, who needs to go on holiday anyway. I found my love of hiking from training to do the arête route on Ben Nevis last year. I walked 10k a day for two months in preparation to do that walk, on the day we completed 27.5k and I had the most amazing time. I’m confident that by next year should lockdown be lifted that I shall return to do the three peaks as planned this year fully fit and ready to go.

I have attached some mobile pics taken on the move from today.

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